If you haven’t had the pleasure of studying with Sayon Camara, you are in for a treat. He will take you places in your drumming you didn’t know existed and he will do it with a humble, open heart and infinite joy. Get a direct West African experience. You’ll never be the same again! Sayon has been teaching workshops for almost a decade in the US, Guinea and Japan to students from all over the world. He has the ability to communicate the music to others, regardless of the language they speak and the size of the group. Past workshops have ranged in length from one day to one month and can be held in your city or country, or in Guinea. If you would like to arrange a workshop in your area, please contact Sayon for details. Please check out Workshop Tips below.

Workshop Tips

If You Need A Drum For A Workshop
Please let us know well in advance by calling 802 779 4914. We have djembes for rent for $5 per workshop day.

What to Bring to All Workshops
A djembe if you have one, water, an AUDIO recorder  – we ask that no video recordings be made during workshops, only photos and audio recordings – to practice what you’ve learned later, and whatever else you need to be comfortable. If you don’t have a djembe don’t worry, you can rent at the workshop for a nominal fee. Please let us know you need to rent a djembe when you register, no less than two weeks in advance.

Pre-register for all workshops by calling 802 779 4914, unless otherwise specified.

2017 Workshops

December 2016 – January 2017

Guinea Workshop
3 Weeks of Immersion into the Culture of Sayon’s Native Guinea
Drumming, Music, Dance + Culture Intensive
December 29, 2016 – January 18, 2017
For information go here.

February 2017

Sayon Camara Drumming and Dance Workshop in Maine! 3 Days
Friday, Saturday & Sunday, February 3, 4 & 5
Woolwich ME
Registration is open. Go here to register and get the details!
Presented by Resounding Rhythms.


Past Workshops
Bellingham WA
Washington DC
Woolwich ME
Wiscasset ME
Newton MA
Uxbridge MA
Schuylersville NY
Lebanon NH
Seattle WA
Vancouver CA
Guinea, West Africa
Kagawa, Japan
Vancouver BC CA
Bellingham WA
Vassalboro ME
Uxbridge MA
Wiscasset ME
White River Junction VT
Augusta ME
New London NH
Schuylersville NY

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