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Dance Nite Out! Friday November 21, 2014

With Sayon Camara & Landaya at Barrett Memorial Hall in South Strafford VT from 8:00 – 10:00 pm and then some! The irresistible polyrhythms of this West African ensemble combined with Sayon’s expert hands on the djembe and haunting melodies on traditional flute will get you up and dancing! This is a fundraiser for Barrett Hall, a historical community building with great wooden floors and lots of room to move.

Sayon Camara & Landaya

Join Sayon & Landaya this Saturday at 4pm in Concord NH

That’s right! We’ll be playing at the Multicultural Festival right in the heart of the capitol. 4pm. See you there. Let’s dance!

Sayon Camara & Landaya

On the Woodstock Green at Noon 8/28

Come listen, come dance! Free concert!

Travel to Guinea with Sayon!

All the information you need to get you started! Click here!

Travel to Guinea with Sayon Camara 2013

West African Dance Class, 6:30 Tonight 08/14

Put wings on your feet tonight at dance class with Lev backed by the irresistible drumming of Sayon Camara and Landaya Ensemble. She will be teaching Malinke dances as they were taught to her by her teacher in Guinea, the fluid and phenomenal dancer, Saran Conde. 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm at Artistree in Woodstock, VT. Information at Classes.

Saran Conde dancing traditionally at a marriage fete in Guinea.

Saran Conde dancing traditionally at a marriage fete in Guinea.

Great Food, Great Music, Great Dancing…

This Friday October 28th in Concord NH.

Enjoy African drum music, delicious vegan food and a chance to dance to the beat after dinner! Sayon is the guest artist for Arabalon! Here’s the scoop including directions on Facebook. Here’s a PDF for the event. Be sure to make a reservation if you want in! Call 603 738 4327.

Don’t forget Monday night drum classes in Woodstock! And starting tomorrow night, July 26 for 5 Tuesday nights… Dance for the Passion of It!

You can join in on Sayon’s Monday night drum class anytime! Eventually we will go to multiple week sessions, so get connected while you can.

Then on Tuesday nights for 5 weeks, we are going to do a mini West African dance class series for people of any age or gender who need to dance for the joy of it – also at the Rec Center in Woodstock!

Check both of these classes out on the Classes page!

Sayon Camara Playing the Djembe Tonight for Sophie Shakleton’s African Dance Workout

Don’t miss the opportunity to move to the masterful beats of djembefola Sayon Camara at Sophia Shackleton’s African Dance Workout. Sayon will be drumming tonight only, Tuesday April 19th. The African Dance Workout is at the Recreation Center in Woodstock VT from 6:45 – 7:45 pm. We guarantee you will be inspired to move to the clear sounds of Sayon’s djembe playing!

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