As is traditional, Sayon will be teaching the drumming, song, story and sometimes dance for each piece of music. Drumming will be the primary focus of the class as it is not possible for the dancers to dance with out the drums and, drumming and song is where Sayon excels, although he is a great dancer! Sayon is available to teach classes to all age groups and especially interested in working with children, teens and people with special needs and disabilities. Group, private and semi private instruction is available for all levels from beginner to coaching for advanced players and ensembles by appointment. Please contact Sayon to schedule. ALL ages and all levels of experience are welcome. Sayon is so excited to teach you.

Please scroll down to see all class information for Sayon’s ongoing classes in Vermont and New Hampshire and special classes in other locations.

Class Tips: Bring your djembe, a pillow for your chair if you need one, and an audio recorder so you can practice between classes!


Tuesday Night West African Drum Class
in Vermont / New Hampshire

This is an ONGOING class from March 1 through October 31, meeting every Tuesday, unless otherwise noted here..

Yes, we are right on the VT/NH border so the states can play together!

All Levels Class  Beginner to Advanced! Everyone is welcome.
Time  6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Cost $30
Ancient Healing Arts Yoga Studio
at the Tip Top Media Arts Building
85 North Main Street • Suite 240
White River Junction VT 05001

June – Special Dance Class!

West African Style Dance Workshop with Marita Kennedy-Castro
and with Live Drumming by Sayon Camara
Saturday June 23
11:30 am – 1:00 pm
You’ve Been Asking to DANCE! Here’s Your Chance!
One Class Only!

AHA Yoga • 85 North Main Street • Suite 240
White River Junction VT
2nd Floor of the Tip Top Building

Cost  $15

All are welcome! Young, old, experienced, inexperienced.

Register Now!  Call or text Lev at 802-779-4914 or contact us here.

Marita is a fluid, inspiring, exquisite dancer and loving teacher.

More About Marita…

In Marita’s words… West African traditions honor our interconnection
to the rhythms of nature and to one another, through celebration of life’s cycles and seasons. This is something that is intrinsic to many traditional dance forms, yet often forgotten in American culture.

Marita Kennedy-Castro is a 19 year scholar of West African Dance and has been blessed to study with master teachers from Guinea, Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Congo, with a primary focus in Guinean dance. It was her beloved teacher, Youssouf Koumbassa, perhaps the one of the world’s most sought after Guinean dance teachers, from whom she received the blessing and encouragement to teach and perform.

Based in Portland Maine, Marita teaches classes and workshops, sharing her enthusiasm for broadening multi-cultural awareness and illuminating new avenues to healing through the arts. She is founder and owner of Embody the Rhythm, and artistic director/choreographer/performer with New Moon Ensemble, as well as the co-founder of the multicultural collaborative, Many Waters Arts. Visit her site

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