Sayon in Maine! Bath on Friday, September 16 & Waterville on the Sunday the 17th…

Please join Sayon for a special Friday evening master class at Resounding Rhythms this Friday evening from 6-8:30 pm. Please call Resounding Rhythms in advance at 207 319 7433 to register.

Then check out Drums Along the Kennebec in Waterville, Maine! Sayon will be teaching two mini workshops at 12:10 and 3:10 pm and performing with Kulu-Ba at 1:40 pm. What a line-up. This is sure to be a great day with drummers from different traditions joining together to celebrate. Contact Lynn Schwarz at 207 622 3355 for information on Drums Along the Kennebec.

About Sayon Camara Drumming

Sayon Camara is a superb teacher and master djembefola performer of the traditional Malinke, Guinean cultural music, song, dance and story. View all posts by Sayon Camara Drumming

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