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Study with Sayon in Guinea 2025!
Sayon in Bath July 4 Parade!

    Sayon Camara is a superb teacher and master djembefola performer of the traditional Malinke, Guinean cultural music, song, dance and story.

    There is no other like Sayon Camara! A djembefola as straight and true as the clear sounds he produces on the djembe drum, his teaching and performances will give you the music of his people, directly from the heart of Guinea, West Africa, leaving you with the richness of his traditional culture, inner joy and a sense of well being.


    In Schools

    Residencies • Recitals • Workshops • Assemblies
    Journey to a small village in the heart of Guinea. Feel its pulse. Students participate in traditional drumming, music, songs, language, dance, and cultural stories as they begin to experience a very different way of life. Sayon brings superb musicianship and teaching skills, unbridled joy and the ability to connect with and focus on each student to his residencies.


    Sayon is available to teach classes to all age groups including children – large and small, teens, elders and those differently-abled. Group, private and semi-private instruction is available for any skill level from beginning to advanced, as is coaching for ensembles and sessions for companies or organizations – great for building team connectivity! Please contact Sayon to schedule time with him. He is so excited to work with each of you.


    Sayon will take you places in your drumming you didn’t know existed and do so with a humble, open heart and infinite joy. He has been teaching workshops for decades to students from all over the world. He has the ability to communicate the music to others, regardless of the language they speak and the size of the group. Workshops can be any length of time and anywhere. If you would like a workshop with Sayon, please contact him.

    Video Lessons

    If you can't attend class in person or you want to access Sayon's classes to study the music of his village, this is the place to do it! You can find both djembe and dunun classes for many of the songs and we'll keep adding to the collection regularly!

    Travel to Guinea

    Traveling to Guinea will take your drumming, dancing and cultural understanding to the next level, whether you are a beginner or a professional. Your life will be transformed. Your time will be spent studying and experiencing the drumming, music, song, dance, festivals and culture of Guinea. Immerse yourself in up to five hours of lessons per day, up to five or six days/week with top drummers, musicians and dancers in Guinea!